Wednesday, 10 January 2018


52 pages (A5). Interview with Brian Gorsegner (NIGHT BIRDS), a write-up about great records with even better early versions, BLOODY GEARS, an old band from Darwin, and another big batch of gig photos. Plus the usual rambling editorial and a load of live and record/tape reviews. 


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Tuesday, 29 November 2016


52 pages (A5). Interviews with Daniel Lupton (SORRY STATE RECORDS) and TERRITORY, a short run-down of some Tokyo record shops, plus lots of Perth show photos, a rambling editorial and loads of record/tape reviews.  


Review from Sorry State Records: 
"Latest issue of this Australian zine from the former editor of Jerk Store. For No Exposure, Alex is clearly taking things a little more seriously, growing by leaps and bounds as a photographer, layout designer, and writer. This time around you get a lengthy interview with ME! I write way too much in response to Alex's excellent questions, and I'm honestly surprised that he found space to reproduce the entire thing. In addition to that, there is also an interview with crust band Territory (who I think might be from Alex's home base of Perth, Australia), a ton of well-shot and well-reproduced photographs, a journal of Alex's recent record-shopping trip to Tokyo, and a healthy reviews section focusing on just the kind of stuff that Sorry State seems to cover. I think it's fair to say that if you're a regular Sorry State viewer / customer you're going to be right in the target audience for No Exposure as well."

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


44 pages (A5). Interviews with Joe Lachut (SEVEN INCHES TO FREEDOM fanzine), MISCALCULATIONS, a history of DISSENT, plus Maggot Fest photos and record/tape reviews. E-mail for wholesale rates and multiple orders.


Review from Sorry State Records: 
"Latest issue of this Australian zine, and I have to say that this issue pretty much places this firmly at the head of the pack as far as I'm concerned... this is exactly the type of zine that I want to read. Not only is the music coverage very much in line with my personal tastes (nearly everything Alex writes about is stuff we carry at Sorry State), but the writing is great as well. I mean, I guess this is kind of a "zinester's zine" in that there's a depth here that very few other zines achieve. When I say depth I don't mean pretension (*cough*Distort*cough*), I mean that Alex seems to actually think for more than two minutes about what he writes down, and furthermore figures out the best way to put that idea on the page and get it across. The writing is straightforward, direct, and feels like it's actually communicating something, which is something that I really strive for in my own writing (particularly on my blog) and admire when I see it done well. As I noted, the stuff he writes about is really cool, but the writing is so good that I'd read this even if it were a personal zine about choosing the best brand of toilet paper. Highly recommended."

Sunday, 11 January 2015


32 pages (A5). Interviews with Jeff Burke (RADIOACTIVITY), HELTA SKELTA RECORDS, COFFIN CUT RECORDS, plus local gig photos and record/tape reviews. E-mail for wholesale rates.