Wednesday, 19 July 2017

FOR SALE (as of 20/07/2017)

This is stuff I'm currently selling. Prices are what I have on Discogs. If you wanna make an offer or buy a few things at once, we can do a deal on the prices. email: loadedshoebox [at] gmail [dot] com. cheers!

Acousma 2nd EP $4.00 High Fashion Industries
Acousma Acousma $4.00 High Fashion Industries
Adolescents Adolescents $18.00 Frontier Records
Adolescents Welcome To Reality $5.00 Frontier Records
Adrenalin O.D. Let’s Barbeque $8.00 Psychic Volt
Agent Orange (7) Surfing To Some Fucked Up Shit $20.00 Anarchy Music
Agression Don't Be Mistaken $12.00 Better Youth Organization
American Hate Dead Squeeze $5.00 Not Normal Tapes
American Sun American Sun $3.00 Not on Label
Anasazi (3) / Survival (8) Communion $20.00
Angry Samoans Back From Samoa $20.00 Drastic Plastic Records
Angry Samoans Inside My Brain $25.00 Drastic Plastic Records
Big Crux / Criminal Code Big Crux / Criminal Code $5.00 Bedside Records
Big Eyes (3) Back From The Moon $3.00 Grave Mistake Records
Big Zit Electric Zit Vol. 1 $5.00 Not Normal Tapes
Bikini Cops Two $4.00 Not On Label
Bob Mould Workbook $24.00 Virgin
Brutal Knights Blown 2 Completion $8.00 Deranged Records
Cal And The Calories Demo $10.00 Lumpy Records
Career Suicide Signals E.P. $9.00 Way Back When Records
Circle Jerks Wild In The Streets $15.00 Porterhouse Records
Crazy Spirit Crazy Spirit $10.00 No Patience
Cum (8) Cum $4.00 Best Before 84
Deep Sleep (3) You're Screwed $3.00 Grave Mistake Records
Deformity (5) Demo 2013 $12.00 Toxic State Records
Devo Working In The Coal Mine $0.99 Warner Bros. Records
Direct Control Direct Control $4.00 Grave Mistake Records
Dissent (2) Boy Eats Own Head! $3.00 Amity Records, Amity Records
Dissent (2) Expression $4.50 Amity Records
Double Negative Hardcore Confusion 3 /  Hardcore Confusion 4 $6.00 Sorry State
Double Negative Hardcore Confusion Vol. 1 $3.00 Sorry State
Double Negative Hardcore Confusion Vol. 2 $3.00 Sorry State
Dry Hump Culture Fuck Experience $4.00 Shogun Records (2)
Egg Hunt Me And You $6.00 Dischord Records
Ex-Craw Extinct $4.00 Live Fast Die Drunk Records
Fiya (2) Fiya $4.00 Obscurist Press
Fried Egg The Incredible Flexible Egg $4.00 Fried Egg Ltd.
Fuck SS Demo $5.50 No Name Distro/Label
Fugazi Steady Diet Of Nothing $20.00 Dischord Records
G.I.S.M. Detestation $20.00 Dogma Records
Glitter (6) Self Titled Mini-LP $11.00 Pee Blood, Pee Blood
Goosebumps Scared To See A Doctor $4.00 Katorga Works
Gray Matter (2) Food For Thought $25.00 Dischord Records
Hank Wood And The Hammerheads Hank Wood And The Hammerheads $6.00 La Vida Es Un Mus
Imperial Leather Something Out Of Nothing $6.00 Profane Existence
Instängd Mitt Svar På Ingenting $3.00 Sorry State
La Misma Demo $10.00 Toxic State Records
Lärm No One Can Be That Dumb $16.00 Not On Label
Last Chaos Only Fit For Ghosts $17.00 SPHC
Lumpy And The Dumpers Demo 2012 $9.00 Lumpy Records
Manson Youth (2) Death Dance $7.00 Dr. Strange Records
Marginal Man Identity $13.00 Dischord Records
Minutemen Joy $12.00 SST Records
Minutemen 3-Way Tie (For Last) $15.00 SST Records
Mommy (4) Mommy $6.00 Toxic State Records
Moving Targets Brave Noise $25.00 Mr. Spaceman
NASA Space Universe 70 AD $15.00 Feel It Records
Negative Reinforcement At War With Hardcore $9.00 Australian Waste Tapes
Negative Reinforcement Negative Reinforcement $8.00 Not On Label
Nervous Trend Shattered b/w Decency $8.00 Residue Records
Nervous Trend Shattered b/w Decency $8.00 Residue Records
Painted Thin Still They Die Of Heartbreak $5.00 Endearing Records (2)
People Problem People Problem $6.00 Helta Skelta Records
People Problem People Problem $10.00
Perspex Flesh Ona $4.00 Video Disease Records
Plasmatics (2) Beyond The Valley Of 1984 $20.00 MVD Audio
Poison Idea Pick Your King And Learning To Scream $20.00 Reflex/Wolfpack Records
Response (5) Demo  $5.00 Video Disease Records
Rites Of Spring All Through A Life $5.00 Dischord Records
Round Nine Round Nine $3.00 Mutant Pop
Rudi Crimson $6.00 Paramecium Records
Sadist (17) Beauty Fades $10.00 Hardcore Victim
SSS Demo $10.00 Not On Label (SSS Self-released)
Terrible Feelings Backwoods $8.00 Deranged Records
Territory Demo $3.00 Televised Suicide Records
The Alley Cats (2) Nothing Means Nothing Anymore / Give Me A Little Pain $12.00 Dangerhouse (2)
The Dickies Dawn Of The Dickies $8.00 A&M Records
The Freeze Land Of The Lost $15.00 Schizophrenic Records (2)
The Observers (2) Down On Today $6.00 Taken By Surprise Records
The Spotnicks The Spotnicks In Paris Dansons Avec Les Spotnicks $25.00 W & G
Token Entry Jaybird $25.00 Hawker Records
Tubeway Army Are 'Friends' Electric? $0.99 Atlantic
Vanity (21) Don't Be Shy $18.00 Katorga Works
Various City Baby Attacked By Bats $12.00 Not On Label
Various Jersey Hardcore $6.00 Not On Label
Various Kretin By Distortion - There's More Than Corn In Indiana $6.00 Ɔretun Records
Various Richmond Burning Compilation $5.00 Cabin Fever (3)
Vomit Punx Lost $24.00 Eugene Records

Tuesday, 29 November 2016


52 pages (A5). Interviews with Daniel Lupton (SORRY STATE RECORDS) and TERRITORY, a short run-down of some Tokyo record shops, plus lots of Perth show photos, a rambling editorial and loads of record/tape reviews.  
E-mail for wholesale rates and multiple orders.


$12 ppd OVERSEAS

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


This is where you can get copies of #2. I'll update it as and when I send copies out to new places, and for future issues. Most of these are online stores/distros, but a few are real places too. Figure it out on Google.

Planet Books (Mt Lawley)
Helta Skelta Records
Coffin Cut Records
Dada Records (City)
Televised Suicide Records

Sticky Institute (Melbourne)
Lulu's (Melbourne)
No One Special (Melbourne)
Clarity Records (Adelaide)
Red Eye Records (Sydney)
Black Wire Records (Sydney)
Eternal Soundcheck (Brisbane)

Feel It Records (USA) - Sam did a US run, so get at him for wholesale copies if you live there.
Sorry State Records (USA)
Goner Records (USA)
Grave Mistake Records (USA)
86'd Records (USA)
It's Alive Records (USA)
Different Kitchen (UK)
La Vida Es Un Mus (UK)

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


44 pages (A5). Interviews with Joe Lachut (SEVEN INCHES TO FREEDOM fanzine), MISCALCULATIONS, a history of DISSENT, plus Maggot Fest photos and record/tape reviews. E-mail for wholesale rates and multiple orders.


Review from Sorry State Records: 
"Latest issue of this Australian zine, and I have to say that this issue pretty much places this firmly at the head of the pack as far as I'm concerned... this is exactly the type of zine that I want to read. Not only is the music coverage very much in line with my personal tastes (nearly everything Alex writes about is stuff we carry at Sorry State), but the writing is great as well. I mean, I guess this is kind of a "zinester's zine" in that there's a depth here that very few other zines achieve. When I say depth I don't mean pretension (*cough*Distort*cough*), I mean that Alex seems to actually think for more than two minutes about what he writes down, and furthermore figures out the best way to put that idea on the page and get it across. The writing is straightforward, direct, and feels like it's actually communicating something, which is something that I really strive for in my own writing (particularly on my blog) and admire when I see it done well. As I noted, the stuff he writes about is really cool, but the writing is so good that I'd read this even if it were a personal zine about choosing the best brand of toilet paper. Highly recommended."

Sunday, 11 January 2015


32 pages (A5). Interviews with Jeff Burke (RADIOACTIVITY), HELTA SKELTA RECORDS, COFFIN CUT RECORDS, plus local gig photos and record/tape reviews. E-mail for wholesale rates.